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New Year's Eve, Reunion Celebration

      It is a custom to celebrate the Lantern Festival on the fifteenth day of the first lunar month. This day is the first full moon day of the year, and it is also the night of the earth's rejuvenation. On this day, the Lantern Festival is prosperous, which not only has the feeling of family reunion, but also celebrates the continuation of the new year.

      At 3:00 p.m. on February 15th, an event of "Having a Lantern Festival and Making Tangyuan" officially started. Li Weiqing, general manager of Shaanxi Puhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., made an opening speech for the event through an online connection. Under the severe epidemic situation, everyone still gave affirmation and praise to perform their duties well, and expressed congratulations to the old employees who have served for ten consecutive years, and also gave hope and blessings for the successful holding of this event.

Li Weiqing, General Manager of Shaanxi Puhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Ten years of employees (Zhao Xiaomei)

Ten years of employees (Huang Chunhong)

      A total of 33 people participated in the competition and production on the spot that day. After fierce competition, 12 people finally won exquisite gifts. This activity has been supported and recognized by everyone, and they have expressed that the activity is very meaningful, and they are willing to participate in such activities, hoping to have more such activities. At the end, everyone ate the hand-made glutinous rice balls and took them home to share with their relatives.

Group photo before the game with dumplings
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birthday wishes
      The launch of this Lantern Festival event not only allowed everyone to feel the festive and peaceful atmosphere of the festival and experience the charm of traditional culture, but also created a positive, happy and harmonious atmosphere. The interaction and integration of traditional culture and corporate culture in this event not only enhances the cohesion of the company, but also inspires and inspires everyone to try, integrate, collide, and generate new sparks and passions in various fields!
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March 1, 2022
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