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Shaanxi Puhe Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. was established in 2005. It is a company that complies with national GSP standards and takes professional promotion technology as its core competitiveness. It has business cooperation with nearly 100 commercial companies, hundreds of hospitals, and nearly 10,000 pharmacies in Shaanxi and Ningxia. The pharmaceutical distribution and sales company with the most development potential has sales of over 200 million in 2015. Mainly involved in the fields of gastroenterology, orthopedics, rheumatology, pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, anti-infection and other fields.
Since its establishment, the company has grown rapidly, focusing on product quality and intellectual property protection. In 2017, the transformation focused on the health industry, committed to the creation and promotion of its own brand, and provided professional and high-quality health products and services to the core target population, and carried out the development and introduction of high-quality new products worldwide. Up to now, through cooperation with world-renowned companies, it has held negotiations at international exhibitions in Switzerland, Singapore, Germany, Japan, Israel, the United States and other countries.It has cooperated with many foreign cooperation companies on probiotics and iron supplements. Health products such as pharmaceuticals, vitamins, calcium supplements, weight management products, medicines, and medicinal products are identified for specific development goals. At present, the company's self-operated product, Bedrick's brand probiotics, has been officially listed and sold in many provinces in China with good results.

Corporate mission: To meet the happiness of both the material and the spirit of all employees, and to help everyone in human society have a healthy life.

Company positioning: professional health product brand operator.

Core values: integrity, honesty, commitment, innovation, never give up, and achieve extraordinary goals with a continuous and professional attitude.

Development strategy: to become the most professional and authoritative distributor in the pharmaceutical field.

Business philosophy: Great companies not only create profits but also create social value.

Core Management Law: Empowerment Management.

Since its establishment, Puhe has adhered to the core competitiveness of “professional promotion” and has been committed to “helping everyone in human society to have a healthy life” as the highest goal of the company, and is constantly striving for it!


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